things that endure

My friend Eric Nahlin told me not long ago that “We were put here to create things that endure”. That struck me instantly as personal truth, and it perfectly states my goal as an artist. The monumental sculptural concepts headlining this site; the scope of the ideas, the materials and execution are all developed to engender thought and conversation, and to fill the viewer with a sense of wonder, something fantastic and indelible. It’s my dream to collaborate with developers, architects and landscape architects to help make their projects more memorable through the inclusion of my sculptural concepts. Work that serves to complement their vision.


The examples included in the “monumental sculpture” section are just the starting point, and are intended to show thinking, process, adaptability, range of visual acuity and imagination. I have so many more ideas in my head, waiting to emerge. Concepts that expand beyond the steel and resin pieces featured here - volumetric display, immersive experiential installations that utilize motion graphics and CGI and more. I’ve become captivated by the idea of creating spaces and experiences that are sticky, and I offer this invitation to ideate with you on your projects to help them fulfill their greatest potential.

“I want every piece I create to make the viewer think. To make them ask questions, and to consider things that they haven’t before. I‘d like my work to evoke a ‘wow!’”

Ken Womack is a Dallas-based sculptor and painter, working in a variety of mediums, dimensions and scale.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1986.